6 Inch Square-Universal Locking Hand Hole Cover


Pole Shape

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Prevent copper wire theft on SQUARE light poles by replacing the standard cover with a stronger and more secure cover.
  • Fits maximum hand hole (including stiffener and weld) measurements of 5 5/8" X 7 5/8" (custom sizes available on request)
  • Secures with Oversized Backing plate and 2 Bolts
  • Front Cover plate secures both mounting bolts and locks with most 1" shank locks.
    • Don't forget to purchase locks! See our options
    • Locks Sold Separately. Use Master 175D or similar.
  • Lock is held in body of the locking hand hole cover protecting it from bolt cutters and power tools
  • Fits any thickness pole wall
  • Installs in less than 1 minute
  • Fits maximum hand hole (including stiffener and weld) measurements of 5 5/8" X 7 5/8" (custom sizes available on request)
  • Standard Colors include Primer White (ready to be painted to mach your poles.)
  • Powder Coating available (A Light Pole Systems representative will contact you to match your color the best we can.)
  • CLICK HERE to see color chart

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