Anchor Bolt Adaptor



Please select the size of your anchor bolts. 3/4 inch (ABA.75), 1 inch (ABA1), or 1"-3/4" conversion (ABA1-.75).

ABA1-.75 is an ABA1 block with a 3/4" stud and nut, in the event that you have 1" anchor bolts and your pole has 3/4" holes. 

Each set includes 4 adaptors for a standard 4 anchor bolt pattern. If you have 6 poles that have 4 bolts each, enter a quantity of 6 units, not 24 units.

If your poles do not have 4 anchor bolts, give us a call for custom packaging and pricing.

Call us for expedited shipping options. Only FedEx ground available online. 

Patient Pending.

Call us for order help (714) 786-8983 or

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