This is where you can find customer Testimonials. These are emails that come to our team from happy customers. All of the Testimonials that you read here were approved by the customer before they were posted, and they all came from real, living customers. No robots or pen names here.

If you have a story to share, email: Kurtis@LightPoleSystems.com

Testimonial from Current Electric in Lake Forest, California.- Universal Locking Hand Hole Cover

We put locks on several poles out at a property in Irvine last year – there were 3 poles that were left down so the tenant could take care of pulling in new wire. They had their electrician pull in new wire, but then never told anyone to come back and stand the poles and put the lockable covers on them.  The vandals came back and pulled the new wire out of those 3 poles. They were not able to get to the wire on the poles we put the Universal Locking Hand Hole Covers on!” 

Now the customer is paying to have the copper replaced, again, and Current Electric is installing Universal Locking Hand Hole Covers on the rest of the property.

Testimonial from Have Lights Will Travel in Reno, Nevada.- Universal Locking Hand Hole Cover

"Light Pole systems is a great company with top notch product and customer service. I work for a service company in Reno NV and one of our biggest problems in lighting is the theft of wire from poles in commercial parking lots. When we started using Light Pole Systems our problem was solved. Not only is this an aesthetically pleasing product but a quality product. We will continue to use this product for all of our poles that need to be protected."

Testimonial from Executive Lighting & Electric in Anaheim, California.- Pole Repair Kit

"Our customer had 43 severely rusted light poles, some we had already replaced and a few were down and waiting for new poles. We resubmitted the bid to repair the entire lot, using the Pole Repair Kit. The cost to the customer was lowered by over $20,000. The install went just as expected and the features of the Pole Repair Kits worked exactly as described. We will use more Pole Repair Kits in the future.”