Pole Repair Kit

Stop replacing rusted light poles, repair them with a Light Pole Repair Kit 

Rusted light poles can be repaired, with no welder or crane. Transferring the stress of the light pole from the rusted, failing base onto the secure structure of the Light Pole Repair Kit will keep your parking lot safe.

Pole Repair Kits are not available online.

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The Pole Repair Kit repairs a rusted pole in thirty minutes, with one technician, and without the use of a welder or crane.

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Pole Repair Kit Integrity Test

Pole Repair Kit Installation Overview.


light pole repair kit expanded base

The Pole Base Repair Kit includes:

(1) Pole Brace
(4) Anchor Bolt Thread Extenders
(4) Anchor Nuts
(12) Washers
(6) Box Bolts
We recommend installing a Cone Base Cover to protect the repair and precent injury to the public.

    Installing the Pole Base Repair Kit

    Replace the existing anchor nuts with the thread extenders and set the brace on the thread extenders. Install new nuts and washers, and tighten the nuts. Drill holes into the pole, using the pole brace as a template. Install and tighten the box bolts. Now you pole is repaired and engineered to be as strong as it was new.

    What it Fits:

    The Pole Repair Kit is designed to repair rusted light poles.
    It is built to repair 4 Inch and 5 Inch, round and square poles.
    Poles must be straight, not tapered.
    The pole brace base plate has elongated anchor bolt holes, allowing them to accept a range of bolt circle measurements.
    The 4″ Pole Repair Kit fits a anchor bolt circle of 8 3/4″-12 1/2″.
    The 5″ Pole Repair Kit fits an anchor bolt circle of 10 3/8″-13 3/4″.
    The Pole Repair Kit is engineered for a wind loading of a 35 foot pole with 110mph wind.

       Expanded Base 

      Expanded Pole Repair Kit BaseLight Pole Systems, Inc. Expanded Base is engineered to be used with anchor bolts that are damaged or unusable for some reason. The base plate of the pole brace has five extra bolt holes outside the standard anchor bolt pattern. These extra holes are used with additional anchor bolts secured into the footing by epoxy or expansion anchors. In order to use this solution, the footing must be structurally sound. With the additional anchor bolts, the damaged one becomes obsolete. The 4″ pole brace additional holes are on a 12″ bolt circle and the 5″ pole brace additional hole are on a 14 1/4″ bolt circle.


      Box Bolt

      Light Pole Systems Box BoltLight Pole Systems Box Bolt tightened


      Light Pole Systems, Inc. uses a box bolt to secure the pole brace to the pole, above any rust damage. The box bolt expands when tightened, much like a rivet.  The alan head of the box bolt breaks off at 59 ft/lbs, leaving a permanent, tamper resistant finish. 

      All Repair Kit Bases are Galvanized

      The Pole Repair Kit is galvanized, giving it the highest corrosion protection on the market. Most pole failure is due to rust caused by water from landscape irrigation, reclaimed water, and daypack.  The galvanized finish of the pole brace gives the repaired pole all the corrosion resistant properties of an expensive galvanized pole, without the costs.

      We recommend installing a Cone Base Cover over Pole Repair Kits create uniformity through out your property, and to protect the Pole Repair Kit from the elements.

      At this time, Pole Repair Kits are not available for sale online. They are still available from any electrical wholesale house or from Light Pole Systems, Inc.

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      PRK Install Guide PRK Order Guide
        PRK order guide
      PRK4" Spec Sheet PRK5" Spec Sheet
      Spec Sheet PRK Spec Sheet

      Case Study: Pole Repair Options

       Pole Repair Kit case study

      Light Pole Systems, Inc. Pole Repair Kit is more economical than installing a new pole for one reason; the standing pole does not have to be removed or disassembled. This saves time, which saves money for both the contractor and end user. This case study is an examination of the difference in cost to replace vs repair poles.  







       Load Engineering

      Poles Under 20'

      • Base plate to be .75" thick min
      • Body shall be .25" think min

      Poles 20' - 25'

    • Base plate to be .75" thick min
    • Body shall be .25" think min
    • Poles 25' - 35'

    • Base plate to be 1" thick min
    • Body shall be 7/16" think min
    •  Complete Engineering Specs 

      For local support, contact our National Manufacture Rep Network

      Ultrasonic Pole Testing Industry Best Practices

      Learn how ultra sonic testing can show the structural state of a light pole and stop light pole failure before it happens.                 This presentation was prepared for NALMCO Spring Seminar to share the industry best Practices for Ultrasonic Testing.

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