Light Pole Systems is Pole Repair

With Light Pole Systems, Inc., Your parking lot light poles will be safe, secure and high end!

Our passion for Innovation, security and safety have driven us to create industry revolutionizing products for parking lot light poles.  Our products nearly eliminate parking lot copper wire theft, cut light pole repair time by hours and produce a uniform look across your property.

Universal Locking Hand Hole Cover

Securing your parking lot's copper wire from theft is the foundation of Light Pole Systems, Inc.  The Universal Locking Hand Hole Cover is the first and only line of defense your parking lots poles will need against copper wire theft.  With its patent pending design, there are no exposed bolts to tamper with, and the lock is concealed inside the housing of the cover.  Close Tolerances reduce the ability for the Universal Locking Hand Hole Cover to be pried off, Cut off and is strong enough to endure intense, prolonged hammer blows.  

Pole Repair Kit

Repairing your rusted parking lot light pole is now Fast, Simple, and Cost Effective with a Pole Repair Kit.  With no need for a crane, cutting or welding; repairing your rusted light pole is faster than ever before.  The Light Pole Base Repair Kit slides around the failing pole base and secures to the existing pole with no electrical work required, eliminating the need for an expensive electrician. Compared to replacing an entire light pole, repairing it is just as strong and definitely saves time and money.

Base Covers

We believe uniformity and a high end look is essential to a properties success.  Repairs to a light pole of any kind are always ugly, thats why we put our innovation to work and created the Cone Base Covers.  Made from impact and UV resistant ABS Plastic, our Cone light Pole Base Covers outlast traditional base covers, create a water and tamper resistant shield and bring a high class, sleek or fluted look to your property.