Anchor Bolt Adaptor

Light Pole Systems' Anchor Bolt Adaptor (ABA) was designed to fix the common problem of anchor bolts not matching the light pole. This problem most occurs when anchor bolt circle is confused with anchor bolt square, the wrong anchor bolt template is used, or if the pole base plate is cut incorrectly. The ABAs threads onto the existing anchor bolt, in place of the leveling nut and washer, and the light pole is bolted to the ABA studs with the included nut and washer. The Anchor Bolt Adaptor allows the bolt circle to change size, rotate, or move center.


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The Anchor Bolt Adaptor includes a set of 4 adaptors, each with one washer and nut. Each unit is hot dip galvanized to prevent corrosion. The threads are cut to accommodate galvanized anchor bolts to ensure the block will thread onto any standard 1" or 3/4" anchor bolt. 

Now available ABA1-.75, for 1" anchor bolts and a light pole with 3/4" holes. 

Each set includes 4 Anchor Bolt Adaptors in ether 3/4 inch or 1 inch.
ABA.75: 3/4 inch option for 0.75" X 10 anchor bolts
ABA1: 1 inch option for 1" X 8 anchor bolts
ABA1-.75: 1 inch to 3/4 inch conversion. threads onto  1" X 8 anchor bolts and has a  0.75" X 10 stud and nut.
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The Anchor Bolt Adaptor is engineered and tested stronger than the light poles that they are supporting. Hot dip galvanizing ensures the steel will not rust.

The Anchor Bolt Adaptors are certified by an independent engineer for:

3/4 inch and 1 inch to 3/4 inch conversion Anchor Bolt Adaptor: 25' pole, 150 lbs. fixture weight, 100 mph, EPA 11 using the center hole and EPA 5 using the outside hole. 

1 inch Anchor Bolt Adaptor: 40' pole, 550 lbs. fixture weight, 100 mph, EPA 12 using the center hole and EPA 5 using the outside hole.

Anchor Bolt Pattern Adjustment Options

The anchor bolt circle can be adjusted by up to ABA.75: 4.4 inches, ABA1&1-.75: 5 inches, larger or smaller


If the anchor bolts are not centered in the footing the Anchor Bolt Adaptors allows for up to

 ABA.75: 2.5 inches, ABA1&1-.75: 2.5 inches of lateral movement. 

If the anchor bolts are not clocked correctly, the Anchor Bolt Adaptors can rotate the pole on the footing. The amount of rotation depends on the diameter of the bolt circle.






 If each anchor bolt needs a different adjustment, the individual blocks can be set in a different position.

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Installation Guide

ABA Engineering

ABA.75 Spec Sheet

ABA1 Spec Sheet

ABA.75 Spec Sheet

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ABA1-.75 Spec Sheet

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