What Causes Light Poles to Rust?

Even if the light poles look great on the outside with new paint and a base cover they can still be in danger of falling from rust.  

Many times light poles are maintained only above the Base Cover with new paint every few years.  

Majority of light poles fail below the hand hole cover and under the Base Cover where moisture collects and causes the lowest 12 inches of the pole to rust and become a liability and safety hazard.

Over irrigation from near by planters and lawns are often the root cause of the rusted light pole base.

Weather is hard on light poles, particularly rainy areas where light poles do not get a chance to dry.   

However Non Routine Maintenance is a reason why light poles rust to failure instead of being caught in early stages of rust.

Light Pole Systems Light Pole Base Repair Kit will repair your pole to new structural integrity in most cases.

We Recommend a Light Pole Cone Base Cover to keep water from rusting your light pole bases.

light pole systems expanded light pole base repair kitLight pole systems cone base cover

Light Pole Base Repair Kit                                           Cone Base Cover

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